Would You Hire a Logo Designer’s Services Online?

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What’s the advantage of having your logo designed directly by a design company over a freelance designer or via an online design marketplace?

There are two types of a logo according to the dollar sign: expensive and low-priced. Either one can be timeless or a failure or just-okay.

Logo Design for the Biggies

Big corporations that are willing to pay 5-figure amount of dollars would usually hire a famous design company. This design company would conduct a market research, design studies, and document everything that they are doing. After multiple tiring days of meeting with the client, they would agree on a logo design that would entail multiple revisions. Once everything is final, usually after more than a month or even longer, they would deliver the logo in different formats and sizes complete with thick sheets of documentation.

Such logo can become timeless such as the logos of Niké, Coca-Cola, Apple, Levi’s and Fedex, to name a few.

What if you cannot afford to pay a thousand dollars? It would not be fair if only the big design companies can produce timeless logos. Likewise, it would not be fair if small companies cannot afford to have their logos designed.

Logo Design for the Common Good and the Many

If you are looking for a logo designer and your budget is tight, which is understandable, either you direct-hire an individual or go to a design marketplace online. An example of a design marketplace is Hexi Design.

If you direct-hire, you may still encounter expensive designers. These freelance designers would usually give you 3 studies at most – take it or leave it. If in the end, your minds didn’t meet, you spend a few hundred dollars for a logo you are not satisfied with, and would perhaps not use it. Courtesy to both parties, but yes, we designers feel sad and unfulfilled if the client decides not to use the logo that we have designed.

A Design Marketplace is a Good Alternative

The main advantage of having your logo designed via an online marketplace is that you get to pick from 20 to 100 design ideas designed by a variety of graphic designers with a variety of design styles. This is perfect compared to having to see only 3 studies.

Other advantages are:

  • Prices are inexpensive; perhaps a hundred to less than five hundred dollars.
  • If none of the designs satisfied your wanting standard, you are not obliged to accept any. You may pay a small fee for using the marketplace’s services, but at least, you don’t go home with an unwanted logo that you paid for more than a hundred dollars.
  • You help in distributing the economy fairly to small individuals rather than paying a huge amount of money to only one big company.

Brief Info About Hexi Design

Hexi Design is a design marketplace to hunt for logo and web designs, and other graphic design needs and services. It caters to:

  1. Individuals or organizations who are looking for graphic designers;
  2. Graphic designers who are looking for design projects.

But there’s one more. This is bonus. If you’re into affiliate marketing, Hexi Design offers income opportunity to individuals who want to earn extra money.

Try it.

Starting a business?, Need logo/web design? Start a design contest, Receive 80+ custom designs, Choose your favourite - HexiDesign