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Professional Firms

This particular design site is ideal for firms or individuals providing professional services such as architectural, legal, accounting, and the like.

The design is simple and minimalist yet elegant and creative. Such attribute is appropriate for organisations and individuals who want to project professionalism, truth and reliability.

For individuals and organisations who wish to have fancy and less formal websites, this design can also be applied. All that is to be done is to choose the right colour scheme and photo images.

For example, if your business provides wellness, such as a spa, the required colour scheme has to be warm and relaxing.

View the demo site.

Due to some technical limitations, the actual site was slightly different from the original design. 

View the actual site of OCB Architects.

Clinic Site

A website for a clinic takes a different approach. It has to project positivity and warmth. It should be welcoming, rather than intimidating especially for a clinic that addresses strictly confidential and sensitive matters. 

The design should remain simple and minimalist so that it does not give an idea of distracting clients from the clinic’s true intentions.

A touch of blue is almost a requirement for a clinic because it has been associated with health. 

To project positivity, selecting the right photos would do the trick. As much as possible, use actual photos. If that is not possible, select photos with lots of smiles, nature and light. Soft images are also good.

View the demo site.

I applied a similar concept to the website of PsychConsult Inc. View the actual site.