Things You Need To Know About Having A Website

Planning To Have A Website But You Are Wondering How And Where To Begin?

Here’s what you have to know on how to start or set up a website of your own. Whether you’re thinking personal or business, having a website requires a tiny bit of planning. Don’t worry! It’s not that difficult but it requires serious thinking – sincerely. Let me guide you. Follow the steps in this order.

What’s Your Purpose

Why do you need a website of your own? Who is your target audience? What are the contents of your website? Where are you going to get data and information for your contents? How are you going to manage your website? When do you need it online? Which style of website do you just need – a blog type, shopping or eCommerce, social site or membership, forum, or just plain and static? How much is your budget? Read more.

Think of a Domain Name

What would you call your website? Your site has to have a permanent name. In the Net world, it is called a domain name. My site’s name is Do you already have one in mind? What if the name you are thinking is no longer available? You can check it here.

Read this tip What Domain Name Is Best For You.

Find A Web Host

Your website has to have a home or a physical permanent address. Where will it be located? Technically, where will you store all the data that make up everything about your website? It should reside somewhere in a data storage of somebody else’s “big computer”, called a web server. In the Net world, this is called a web host, and only a web host can make your website accessible on the Internet, so to speak. When choosing a web host, I invite you to go green. Be earth friendly so I recommend this web host that is powered by wind energy.

Have Your Web Designed

You already have a domain name and a web host. Next in your web plan is to hire a web designer – someone who will design the visual look and feel of your website. He is also someone who will do the coding of your site. Yes, behind every web page of a web site are codes made of letters, numbers and special characters.

Fill Your Site With Content

Once the design of your web site is completed, you must fill it with contents. Basically, contents are textual information and images such as photos and illustrations. If you can write well, then you don’t have to hire a writer. If you are good at taking photographs or drawing, then you might no longer need a graphics designer.

Manage Your Website

A web manager or administrator is someone who knows how to put your website on the Internet such as uploading HTML files and images to your web host, publishing contents, backing up your web files, and a few more technical stuff.

Optimize Your Site

SEO is search engine optimization. An SEO specialist is someone who makes your website somewhat popular. It is a feat to have your website rank on top of search engine results pages, but at least, an SEO specialist can help you drive traffic to your site. Traffic means the volume and frequency of visits to your website.

Learn The Skill

If your website is CMS type, such as WordPress, it is better that you learn the skill to update and add contents to your website instead of having someone to do it for you. That way, you save money. CMS means content management system.


Don’t be. This web plan may sound technically difficult, but if you are going to assign it to an expert, you won’t have to worry about these stuff. You may also be thinking that you will have to hire 4 or 5 people to do your site. Not necessarily. You can find one specialist who can do every thing.

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