Fly Shades Progress: Populating The Main Online Shop With Real Data


Currently entering actual product data.

The site for the head office online shop is all ready. All it needs is to populate it with actual data such as the products. Sample products were requested so that the online shop can be tested.

The online shop’s home page comprises the following sections:

  • Hero section which can be optional
  • Major category of products which allows the users to view the products based on a chosen category
  • Latest products
  • Discounted sale products


Product items are classified as follows:

  • Sunglasses
  • Anti-radiation glasses
  • UAAP sunglasses
  • Accessories (such as zip case and cord)

Fly Shades Progress: Populating the Site With Real Data


20 Nov 2019. The featured images of the regional branches were replaced by actual photos of Fly Shades kiosk.

15 Nov 2019. Task completed. The main / portal / gateway site has been populated with real data. Future updates may include changing the featured products, changing the featured image of the regional branches into actual photo of kiosks, adding an FAQ page or help center, linking the portal to the branch online shops when already available.


29 Oct 2019. The project was delayed for about 6 weeks due to a question about pricing. When it was cleared, I resumed the project; and started requesting real data to replace the dummy data I initially put on the website.

The Hero Image and Featured Product

The hero image is up, together with a featured product. From the Facebook page of Fly Shades, I chose two photos which I believed would be attractive and elegant to the eyes. I took the liberty to compose a promotional writeup in time for the coming holidays.

The List of Branches

I categorized the list of branches by province or region depending on the number of items. As a result, I came up with 6 boxed frames. Each list comes with a photo iconic to the region or province. An option is to replace it with a photo of any of the stores in that region; or capture an iconic spot of the mall where the branch is located. I strongly suggest, though, that the photo should not capture the name of the mall.

List of Fly Shades store branches

In the future, once the online shops of the branches are already up, the items on the list will be linked to such online sites.


The purpose of this section is to promote the business in terms of numbers. This section, however, is optional for the reason that the client may not want to reveal such data. However, just in case, these are the statistical figures that I need for the website.

  • Number of shades sold either all-time or during the current year (estimate). A high figure denotes that the products are good ones.
  • Number of stores nationwide. This number denotes success.
  • Number of customers served (estimate). This figure suggests that people love the product.
  • Years in business. This figure suggests reliability.

Fly Shades Progress: Top Site and Main Shop Designed

The following web sites are already up but with dummy data. They are already functional and Fly Shades can start entering data.

  • The top site, which is the gateway to all online shops of Fly Shades, comprises the following sections: hero image, featured product, branches, statistics, brief company profile, customer care form, and partners if any. In lieu of partners, an array of products can be showcased.
  • The main store, which is equivalent to the head office shop contains products in the warehouse but also keeps track of products transferred to the branches. The head office online shop can be duplicated, minus the data, to set up the branch online shops.

Aside from being the gateway or entry to the online shops, the Fly Shades top site will be used to feature a product or announce an event. This is a practical way of announcing an event for a multi-branch online shops for the reason that you only have to do it once; instead of posting the event on every online site.

In the meantime, the list of branches is simply a list without the links to the online shops of the branches. Once the branches online shops are up, the links will be provided.