Introduction To Starting A Freelance Job Building Websites

Considering a shift from your regular job; or perhaps venturing to an extra source of income? If you have a passion or are interested in building websites, you might want to do that as a means to earn additional income. Here, you’ll find the different topics related to starting a freelance job building websites. I suggest that you start from the very first topic. In this course or guide, there are two sections: beginner and intermediate. As a beginner, you will learn how to build websites even if you have no knowledge of web design. As your learning progresses, you can step up to the intermediate part of the course.


This site guides you on how to start a freelance job building websites. If you’re planning to quit your job and venture into freelance work, don’t – not just yet. Don’t quit your job yet because you will still need your regular salary to finance your startup freelance job. Don’t quit yet so that you’d have a fallback in case you change your mind; or you found out that a freelance job was not working for you.

Once you have established your freelance job and already earning more than your salary, then you may decide whether to keep or quit your salaried job. That is your choice.

This site is rich with articles about the Internet, World Wide Web, web design, graphics design, SEO, social media marketing, WordPress, HTML, CSS, among others. The articles can serve as good materials or contents for both an academic and non-academic book or ebook. In fact, some of the contents here are from an academic book that I wrote about web development.

Why do you have to learn or understand so many topics like those mentioned in the paragraph just preceded? The answer is that you have to know a lot of things about your craft because your clients will ask you many things about your services and the technology involved in publishing a website. They will ask questions like how is it done, is this possible,  what if, how will you do it, etc. They would want to understand what they are getting from you, therefore, you have to know what you are giving them. Besides, though a cliché, knowledge is power will help you get the projects.

So, take your time studying the subjects. There are many things to learn about the web technology. Don’t rush and push yourself to stress and pressure. Take a little step at a time. The best way to begin is to start now and don’t delay. Don’t give up when you are just about to begin. Food tastes better when you simmer it at low fire for a longer time. The same as learning – let time simmer your knowledge.

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