Fly Shades Progress: Populating The Main Online Shop With Real Data

The site for the head office online shop is all ready. All it needs is to populate it with actual ...
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Building the EAPI Website – Day One

Status: Picked 10 suggest colour schemes and submitted to the client . . . Received yesterday the access specs to ...
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Fly Shades Progress: Populating the Site With Real Data

Status 15 Nov 2019. Task completed. The main / portal / gateway site has been populated with real data. Future ...
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Fly Shades Progress: Top Site and Main Shop Designed

The following web sites are already up but with dummy data. They are already functional and Fly Shades can start ...
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FlyShades Progress: WordPress CMS Installed on Main Site

At last, FlyShades subscribed to a web host for one year with a registered domain name Upon receiving the ...
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Monetising Your Website With Brave

Brave is the new browser in town. They say that it is fast, even faster than Chrome and Firefox; it ...
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man on a cliff

Designing Teasers To Market A Product, Service or Event

A teaser is a visual marketing aid that is used to communicate a message, thought, or idea; but it focuses ...
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Fly Shades eCommerce Solution: The Study

After weeks of research and study, I came up with a solution. The eCommerce site will be built with WordPress ...
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Screenshot of Arcel Residences website

Arcel Residences Official Website

Arcel Residences's website allows you to book their rooms online for night stays to short-term leases. Colour Scheme The site's ...
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Colour Scheme Beige beach deep ocean blue

Sandy Beach To Ocean Deep Colour Scheme

An elegant colour scheme from sandy beige to deep ocean blue. It is a twist from the common white beach ...
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A Collection of Rich Web Cards and Banners

Images on web sites call attention. To web content managers, looking for images or web cards appropriate for a post ...
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Green web hosting promo sale

Cheaper Green Web Hosting Promo Sale Discounted Subscription Price

Today Only! Green Web Hosting Discounted Subscription Price Avail yourself of a cheaper web hosting subscription price. Web Hosting at ...
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Notebook and pencil

Learn What I Have Learned Building Websites

Introduction The first time I read the Parable of the Talents, I didn't understand its meaning or what message was ...
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T-shirt print design lent inspired

Sacrificing Design Elements In Favour Of Client’s Preference

Design is your pride. You created it from your mind out of nothing. It's like you are the mother of ...
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Video Editing Tips for Beginners – YouTube Editor

In today's video tips for beginners, you are going to learn to: Edit your video using free background music Fade ...
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Customising WordPress Theme Twenty Seventeen

Every year, WordPress comes out with a default WordPress theme. This year In 2017, WordPress came out with – your ...
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Video Editing Tips For Beginners – Aspect Ratio vs Resolution

In this video editing tips for beginners, you are going to learn the differences between aspect ratio, dimension, and resolution; ...
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amikvs kreativs – A Different Perspective

This video serves as a video header on this website. It is a synopsis of what I do as a ...
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Be Earth-Friendly, #Go Green Web Hosting

For a cheaper, true green web hosting, you pay only $3.96 monthly, your domain name is free for life. Better ...
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Brainstorm Ideas For Your Website

Brainstorming is a process of putting down on the table every idea - good or bad - that comes out ...
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what domain name is best for you

What Domain Name Is Best For You

Each website on the World Wide Web is labeled with a name. When thinking of a domain name for your ...
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Build websites metaphor

8 Startup Tips To Consider Before Putting Up A Website

Wanting to have a website but you don't know where to begin; or if you should really have a website? ...
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Start A Freelance Job Building Websites

How do you do it? What do you need? Where to start? This is your guide Start here ...
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Essential Tools To Power Up Your Business

Whether you're a freelancer or a corporate owner, you need stuff to promote your business. Business instruments such as websites ...
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Essential WordPress plugins

WordPress Plugins Essential To Building WordPress Websites

What you are going to learn in this section Learning Level: Beginner In this section, you are going to learn ...
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Build A Website In 5 Easy Steps

Building a web site of your own nowadays is easy. Compared to yesteryears, designing a web site would take months ...
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Movie Posters Design Examples

These are 8 movie posters I designed for an event, which had a film festival theme. The event was for ...
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automate your office work

Reward Yourself: Automate Your Work

Tired of routine paper works? Typing on dozens of forms every day? Why not automate your work? Because you have ...
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Pencil and paper

How To Write Creatively And Effectively

To Write Is To Be Understood Words are useless if no one understands them. Information that is incomprehensible is meaningless ...
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think big concept in visual design

Artist Or Designer: Who Do You Hire?

Let me tell you what I can do and what I cannot do; or what I am and what I ...
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How To Build A Website In Just A Few Days

With WordPress or other CMS applications, a web designer's job has become easy. If your job is to design and ...
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Build Web Sites With WordPress

I build websites using WordPress because I can get my job done fast and much easier. If I would build ...
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Design Websites With HTML & CSS

If you do not prefer the ready-made web designs that come with WordPress and other CMS, I can design one ...
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Design Marketing Print Collateral

For your marketing or promotional collateral print needs, I can design your company profile brochure, product or service brochure, promotional ...
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Write Creatively for Business

Writing business letters is one of the things I can surprisingly do better compared to others. I have read hundreds ...
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Compose AVP and Short Videos

Need a 10-minute video for your audio-visual presentation? Video composing and editing is a tedious and time-consuming job that requires ...
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Automate Your Job

Get rid of manual paper works. Why stress yourself with a pile of routine office works when there are computers ...
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wind energy powers web hosting servers

Be Earth-Friendly. Go Green Web Hosting.

Choose a web host that is powered by green energy such as solar and wind. Learn More ...
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Design To Impress And Express

An effective design should communicate and motivate an action. Artist or Designer: Who Do You Hire? ...
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To Write Is To Be Understood

It is the reason why using the right words is important. Write the Right Way. How? ...
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Make Money Online

Turn your website into a money-making machine. Whether you wish to sell goods or simply blog about your favorite activity, ...
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Drive Traffic To Your Site

SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves activities that make your website rank on search engine results page (SERP). To rank ...
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Add An Event To A WordPress Site

WordPress does not come built in with functions that handle events/calendar events. You need to download a plugin that you ...
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Red leaves with text about business writing

How To Write An Effective Business Letter

Among the many business correspondences that I have encountered, only a few, if none at all, were well-written. Based on ...
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