FlyShades Progress: WordPress CMS Installed on Main Site

At last, FlyShades subscribed to a web host for one year with a registered domain name Upon receiving the cPanel specs, I immediately installed WordPress so I can begin setting up its website.

The multi-site eCommerce is organised as follows.

The root directory houses the main site. This serves as the gateway to the main online store and all its branches. This also serves as the landing page of

The landing page may feature a product or announce an event with call-to-action (CTA) button, such as SHOP NOW that directs the user to the main store. A user’s option is to direct the users to the list of branches if they want to pick up the ordered item at a branch nearest; or buy physically at the store.

A visual page builder called Elementor was installed to design the home page.


On the Web server, the sites are organized as follows.

The root directory houses the top site that serves as gateway to all online shops ⎯ main and branches. On its separate subdirectories are the main store (or head office/warehouse) online site and the different online shops of the branches. The site on the root directory serves as the landing page of; which means, if you go to, this is the website that you will see first. 

The top site is not an eCommerce site; it is just a gateway. There are no products to sell on the top site. The online shops are housed in separate subdirectories.

The address of the online shops would be something like this:

  • • • •

where /main/ is where the main online shop is that will be used by the head office to monitor and control all sales and inventory movements. The main store can also sell online.

The /branch-1/ to /branch-n/ are the online shops of the specific branches.

You can view the FlyShades main home page at

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