Monetising Your Website With Brave

Brave is the new browser in town. They say that it is fast, even faster than Chrome and Firefox; it is private and secure. It is fast because it blocks all ads and does not keep track of your browsing activity. It is safe and secure because it blocks malware, phishing and malvertisement. It is private because you can browse the Web anonymously and it does not collect data.

Try Brave. There is Brave for every OS: MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.

Watch this speed test with Chrome, Brave and Firefox.

What Makes Brave Different from the Pack

1 Brave is built in with ad blocker. Not like other browsers, you do not have to install an ad blocker as an extension of your browser. Web pages cluttered with ads slow down the loading of pages.

2 Brave does not keep track of your browsing activity and does not collect personal and browsing data. For that reason, you remain anonymous and strictly private. Tracking and collecting browsing data also slows down loading of web pages.

3 Brave not only blocks ads, but also malware, phishing and malvertisement. This strong feature makes your device safe.

4 Brave has rewards program called Brave Rewards. By surfing the web with Brave, you are rewarded with Basic Attention Token (BAT). Built with blockchain in mind, you can exchange BAT with any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Etherium, to name a few; or with any leading fiat currency such as US dollar and Euro.

More about how to monetise your website with Brave soon. In the meantime, download Brave (it will support this site) so that you can test it and compare your experience with other browsers.

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