Monetising Your Website With Brave

Brave is the new browser in town. They say it’s faster, safe and private. You also get rewarded browsing the Web with Brave. Find out how and why.

Designing Teasers To Market A Product, Service or Event

A teaser is a visual marketing aid that is used to communicate a message, thought, or idea; but it focuses only on one main idea supported by a call-to-action element. Its purpose is to simply blow a trumpet that something is coming but not to reveal everything in order to raise a curiosity. A teaser…

Arcel Residences Official Website

Arcel Residences’s website allows you to book their rooms online for night stays to short-term leases. Colour Scheme The site’s colours are primarily red and blue, which are based on its logo. A 3rd colour is aqua. Color Name Hex RGB     Primary Scarlet #E93001 rgb(235,49,1) hsl(12,99%,46%) cmyk(0%,79%,100%,8%) Secondary Navy blue #010075 rgb(1,10,117) hsl(241,100%,46%)…