Fly Shades Progress: Top Site and Main Shop Designed

The following web sites are already up but with dummy data. They are already functional and Fly Shades can start entering data.

  • The top site, which is the gateway to all online shops of Fly Shades, comprises the following sections: hero image, featured product, branches, statistics, brief company profile, customer care form, and partners if any. In lieu of partners, an array of products can be showcased.
  • The main store, which is equivalent to the head office shop contains products in the warehouse but also keeps track of products transferred to the branches. The head office online shop can be duplicated, minus the data, to set up the branch online shops.

Aside from being the gateway or entry to the online shops, the Fly Shades top site will be used to feature a product or announce an event. This is a practical way of announcing an event for a multi-branch online shops for the reason that you only have to do it once; instead of posting the event on every online site.

In the meantime, the list of branches is simply a list without the links to the online shops of the branches. Once the branches online shops are up, the links will be provided.

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