EAPI Progress: Design Inspiration, Mockup and Wireframe

Design Inspiration

After scouring the WordPress’s repository of designs for hours, I finally found a design that suits my taste — Interior Design by Astra. I like its minimalist design; its simplicity and neatness; and its being different from the common and traditional layout and design. A plus for this WordPress theme by Astra is that it was designed with Elementor, a visual page designer for WordPress that I commonly use. Though this design was conceptualised with interior design in mind, all I have to do is tweak it a bit to make it appropriate for EAPI.

The gallery that follows shows the original design of this WordPress theme by Astra. The home page that I would create for EAPI does not have to be exactly like in this demo. It will definitely look different. For one thing, what contributes to the beauty of this design are the photos that it used. Replace them with something else would already give the home page a different tone.

The demo site on Astra’s website will already serve as a mockup. A wireframe is no longer necessary for me to prepare because this demo site will already give you an idea.

As I progress through this web design process, I will show you how the individual pages would look like.

Design Changes as Requested by Client

Prior to Christmas, as requested by the client, I made a few changes.

  1. Made the background of the navigation bar and footer of the same colour.
  2. Change the font to Cambria (but this only takes effect if the font is present in the user’s device).
  3. Some text editing

There were other requests which I will attend to after I have contained the needed data.

New Year entered with a big bang! As I was about to resume work, eapi.org.ph was no longer accessible. It looked like, the client missed the renewal of its domain name subscription.

Being the old site as my only source of data, I had to save every page I could. I managed to save the most pertinent ones; I left the rest to the client. There were 130 pages all in all; the gallery contained 262 photos.

After reporting the situation to EAPI, the client said that they were always on time with their domain name subscription. So, it could have been a malware that intercepted my browsing or that infected the host’s server. After a few hours, the site was back again.

Organizing the Data

I noticed that contents of the old site need a re-or. There were info that can be combined into one page; there were links that were dead; and navigation that need to be simplified.

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