EAPI Progress: Planning the Website


The current site has been existing since 2014; therefore, its purpose has been established before. The current goal today is to re-design the current site to give it a new visual look and feel, and a different character.

As far as web contents are concerned, they remain the same. The only thing that changes is its style and how they should be organized.

Scope of My Work

My role is to, and nothing more:

  1. Install WordPress — a content management system. It is actually my requirement; otherwise, I won’t be able to accept the project.
  2. Design and build the new site with WordPress.
  3. Redesign the home page and reorganize its contents.
  4. Recreate and redesign the pages based on the outline submitted by the EAPI.
  5. Test the site, modify and correct as necessary.


I usually can finish a site in a week up to a month depending on how complicated it is; or how much volume of content should be done. Unfortunately, for this project, I cannot establish a timeline due to the following reasons.

  • I only have short hours a day to dedicate for this project because it so happened that another client finally said “go” to a project which I thought didn’t push through a year ago.
  • I have domestic responsibilities that I have to attend to everyday.
  • I have a neuro condition that puts me to sleep at random times.

What I’ve done initially

  • Scoured the repository of WordPress themes for a beautiful design that would be appropriate for EAPI — a formation school for community leaders in the religious sector. I have chosen a design that breaks away from the traditional.
  • Studied the theme that I have chosen to find out which part I can tweak, if possible, so that it fits the visual idea that I have in mind for eapionline.org.
  • After some tweaking and testing, I decided that the theme I had chosen would just work for eapionline.

What to do next

  • What I need to do next is to study the current website on eapi.org.ph
  • Compose a sitemap of eapi.org.ph
  • Compose a sitemap for eapionline.org based on the sitemap of eapi.org.ph. There is no need to prepare a wireframe and a mockup because I a pre-designed template already exists.
  • Prepare a style tile.

Progress Journal

Awaiting the approval of the design. Ten colour schemes submitted for approval. In the meantime, sunflower colour scheme suggested and applied; but, I decided later to apply the colour scheme that I used for EAPI’s brochure.

3 Nov 2019. Started building the website and designed a few pages.

  • Front page sections laid out and designed
  • Navigation menu positioned
  • About Us page completed
  • Our Story page completed
EAPI Our Story page


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