Reward Yourself: Automate Your Work

automate your office work

Tired of routine paper works? Typing on dozens of forms every day? Why not automate your work? Because you have to. Don’t punish yourself; or don’t let your boss punish you with a pile of work. Instead, to automate is to reward yourself. Don’t be afraid of change. Think instead of spending more time with your family than with your desk on midnight hours.

Back then when I was working in a large corporation, I hated typing the same thing on dozens of forms every month for the government collecting agencies like BIR and SSS. I was bombarding my head with a question why these government agencies could not simplify the system. I could type fast – 45 wpm – using a manual typewriter; but I’d rather type long documents. Repeatedly typing on forms with carbon papers – that ?#*!

I had to find a way and I did. With a computer, a software, and a printer, I made my working life easier.

Simplify Your Accounting System

Accounting job is tedious. Simplify it. With the present technology, you have many options. Buy an accounting software. For SME, use MYOB, Quickbooks or any similar software. These accounting software follow the same generally accepted accounting principles. So, you don’t have to hire a systems analyst and a programmer to customize an accounting system for you. That kind of service is hugely expensive and it would take many months to complete the software bug free.

If you are a large company, then you will have to settle for the big ones like SAP. If you can afford it, buy it.

Automate Those Routine Works

In your office, you may still be doing something monotonous, voluminous and manual. Find a way to automate it. Hire an IT consultant to find out what can be done.

I had a client once – an advertising company. Regularly, they receive the TV ratings report in print and in electronic report format. Based on the report, they update their system’s database manually to input the new data. One to two persons would do this and would take them a week to complete everything.

The ad company hired me to create a program that would facilitate the updating of their system’s database. After a systems analysis, I made the required program. The program took only 30 minutes to update their system’s database. From one week to 30 minutes — that’s a lot of time saved!

What I Can Do For You

Accounting. If you are managing a small-to-medium enterprise or organization and would love to move from manual accounting to electronic, consult me. I would recommend MYOB or Quickbooks. If you prefer another software, I can explore and study one for you.

Payroll. I have a payroll system that I have not updated for years. I can dig my chestbox to resurrect my payroll system.

Other software. I have done a loans management program, a club membership program, inventory, magazine subscription, and a sales order system for small organizations.

If you don’t want to hire me, that’s fine! Just automate no matter what. If you have hired a programmer or an IT specialist, use him. Give him a job. Make him automate everything. Make him useful for goodness’s sake 🙂

Automate Your Job

Get rid of manual paper works. Why stress yourself with a pile of routine office works when there are computers and software that can do them in minutes? Automate now your accounting, payroll, inventory, loans, subscription management, and other office routines. Read more.