Fly Shades eCommerce Solution: The Study

After weeks of research and study, I came up with a solution.

The eCommerce site will be built with WordPress — a content management system (CMS). It is a stable system and powers more than 33% of all websites on the Internet making it the most popular platform worldwide. Ref

To extend the capability of WordPress, I settled with WooCommerce to handle its eCommerce functions. Reviews I have read favoured WooCommerce over other eCommerce solutions.

Among the themes I have tested, I find Woostify satisfactory. It is compatible with WooCommerce and Elementor — a visual designer that I often use.

To handle its POS, I initially recommended FooSales POS. But for the reason that it recently made it available only on a subscription basis, which is $30/month per domain, I scrapped FooSales. An alternative is to use WooCommerce POS; a second alternative is to simply access the online store at branch level.

There are other plugins (extended apps) that the eCommerce site requires, but I will discuss those in later posts.

Beyond these digital systems and solutions, an even crucial part is to develop an effective system and control procedures that will regulate the user role responsibilities, communication and the proper flow of transactions and documents. But this is beyond my domain. This will be the responsibility of the client’s accountants and auditors. Being an accountant myself, however, I can be available for consultation.

Project FlyShades – A Multi-Branch eCommerce Website

Arcel Residences Official Website

Screenshot of Arcel Residences website

Arcel Residences’s website allows you to book their rooms online for night stays to short-term leases.

Colour Scheme

The site’s colours are primarily red and blue, which are based on its logo. A 3rd colour is aqua.

Color Name Hex RGB    
Primary Scarlet #E93001 rgb(235,49,1) hsl(12,99%,46%) cmyk(0%,79%,100%,8%)
Secondary Navy blue #010075 rgb(1,10,117) hsl(241,100%,46%) cmyk(100%,91%,6%,54%)
Accent Aqua island #9CDDD0 rgb(156,221,208) hsl(168,49%,74%) cmyk(29%,0%,6%,13%)

WordPress Template

The design of the site was built from HotelOne template — a simple and elegant design. I like its animated effect on its front page because it catches attention. This was made possible by integrating it with Elementor plugin, a WordPress wyswyg page builder.

To achieve elegance, you have to choose the right colour. For the reason that I had to base the site’s colour scheme from Arcel’s logo, I had to sacrifice that elegant feel.

One of the changes I did, aside from its original colour, was the button, which I changed from rectangular to oblong. Equipped with Elementor, I designed the other pages on my own.


Aside from the Elementor plugin, which already comes with Font Awesome and Google Fonts, an important plugin that I had to add was Advanced Booking Calendar. The free version of his plugin does not include booking discounts and payment gateway integration. Also, it is limited only to 15 rooms.