Building Websites With WordPress

How I Will Build Your Website

I build websites with WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system. Think of it like a slightly finished house that is yet to be furnished, completed and decorated. The difference is that this house is flexible that you can make the rooms small or large; add floors or remove one; make it lofted or stretch it to a row house or a high-rise building.

In other words, WordPress is a complex application that you can transform into any type of website – from simple blogging to high volume e-commerce store.

WordPress is free, so that saves you money. In my end, it saves me time because I don’t need to code. All I have to is to decorate the house so that you can start moving in.

But of course, it’s not that simple. Customising WordPress also takes time and it requires study and testing of plugins. In simple cases, customisation may take a day or two; or a week or two; depending on the type of website that you would want me to build, its purpose, and capabilities.

In other words, how would you like your website to look like in terms of shapes, images and colours? What type of data would you want your website to contain and show to your target audience? How would you like your website to interact or communicate with them? And how would you like your audience to experience interacting with your website? These things may make customising WordPress complicated.

In A Nutshell

Should you want me to build your website, tell me what it’s all about (purpose), how would you like it to look visually (look and feel), and what are the specific functions that it can do and capabilities that it can serve.

Once I already have this information, I will start doing a study; then, compose a beta site so that you can actually see and experience the proposed website. I will also send you a detailed costing so that you can check it with your budget.

If you liked the proposed website, then it’s up to you if we should proceed or not. If there were things that you would like changed or added, we can talk about it. However, I can only entertain up to 3 revision requests. Therefore, it is important that you prepare a list before we meet. Should we proceed, then I can entertain additional requests; otherwise, we shelve the project.

How much will it cost you?

Price starts at 10,000 PHP. It covers the customisation, study, and design of the home page and a few inner pages. The price increases depending on the number of inner pages. The price does not cover web hosting, domain name, and if any, 3rd party WordPress extensions. (Extensions are like mini-apps called plugins that extend the functionality of a website; eg payment gateway. )

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