Building the EAPI Website – Day One


EAPI has an existing website on The director of EAPI wanted to give the organization’s website a new look. Having designed it’s staff’s IDs, vision-mission poster, and brochure, the director wanted me to hire to re-design EAPI’s website.

Upon studying it’s current website, I found out that it was customised for EAPI, coded in PHP. I build websites with WordPress, but to code with PHP is not my forte. Moreover, the current site was hosted from an Ubuntu server with no Softaculous that makes installing WordPress one-click. If I would have to build the site with WordPress, I had to do it nitty-grittily using Ubuntu commands, which I have no knowledge of as well. For those reasons, I declined the project.

The director, however, insisted that I do it even if it had to be hosted somewhere for my convenience. And so, he did. Thus … was born

Received yesterday the access specs to EAPI’s new web host subscription on JustHost. I can now start installing WordPress and begin building the site. Unfortunately, JustHost was not accessible due to a technical trouble. I’ll try again tomorrow. I tried the next day.

Wheat and bread

The next day, I was able to access my client’s account on JustHost; and was able to install WordPress. The site is on a temporary domain; I don’t know why but I’ll find that out later (resolved). I’m used to GreenGeeks’s process where after installing WordPress, the site is immediately accessible on the Web via the actual domain.

Picked 10 suggested colour schemes and submitted to the client but I have decided later to make it consistent with the brochure that I designed for EAPI.

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