Add An Event To A WordPress Site

Fig 1

WordPress does not come built in with functions that handle events/calendar events. You need to download a plugin that you can install with WordPress. With the right plugin, you can add an event to your WordPress site or blog. Depending on the plugin you installed with WordPress, adding an event is as simple as adding a new post.

Fig 2

There are a variety of events plugins on the Net that you can download or install to your WordPress site. Choose what fits your liking. The plugin that I used for the site Code of Champions is Event Organiser by Stephen Harris. I chose Event Organizer because with it, your event is treated as one of your posts. The procedure of adding an event is simply the same as adding a usual post. For that matter, your event is treated as a post entry which you can categorize and tag, filter and search just like any other post.

Fig 3

Let’s begin.

Assuming you have already installed and activated your events plugin, adding an event to your blog is as simple as ABC.

  1. On the left panel of your Dashboard (Fig 1), click or hover your mouse on Events. A sub-menu shows up (Fig 2).
  2. On the sub-menu, click Add New to display the add-new post page (Fig 3).
  3. On the post-page form, enter the details of your event in the blank fields.
    1. Enter the title of your event.
    2. Type the details or a brief description of your event.
    3. In the Event Details below, enter the date the event starts and when it ends.
    4. Enter also the time the event starts and the time it ends. If it is an all-day affair, check All day.
    5. If the event is recurring, specify how often the event is repeated; then select the dates the event does not occur.
    6. Specify the venue of the event.
    7. On the right panel, select the appropriate category. If the category is not given, you can add a new one.
    8. Add one or more tags to your event.
    9. Add an image to your event to catch more attention.
  4. Publish your event post.

That’s it. If you need to make changes to your event, select All Events. Choose the event you wish to change, then edit the details the same way you would edit a usual post.

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