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amikvs Kreativs is about what I do creatively in my spare time such as building and designing websites, writing, graphic designing, blogging and a little bit of photography and video editing.

What's in a name

AMIKVS comes from an old latin word  amicus  which means  a male friend. In the old Latin alphabet, the capital u is written as V. Thus, amicus  is spelled  AMIKVS.

In my search of a good domain name that I can claim it as original and unique, the process was not easy at all. First hurdle was that there were over 1 billion websites worldwide. Whatever domain name I had in mind, most likely had already been taken. Second, I had 3 options:

  1. My own name to brand myself;
  2. new word to brand my services or my website;
  3. A set of keywords that straightforwardly describe my website.

My name is not commercially appealing. So, I crossed that out. To use keywords related to web design and web development to describe my site was no longer possible because these words and all the other words related to creativity have been used by more than a million websites. I could tweak the words but even those may have already been taken and are no longer available.

Invent a brand

My last option was to invent a new word — just like how google, fiverr, skype, twitter, tumblr, flickr, picasa, disqus, and ebay have branded themselves and created a new word popular on the World Wide Web. I had scanned the dictionary to look for appealing words that I could tweak but to no avail.

One site suggested to use Latin words. Why not? So, I looked for a Latin word that meant something simple, but nothing extravagant. That’s when I came across the word amicus. But I did not like how the word looked.

To make the word amicus more appealing, unique, original, and commercial, and also to ensure that the domain name has not been taken on the Web, I tweaked it. I replaced U with V to make it look old Latin. Though not a good idea because it is not easy to read, recall and spell it. Yet, I sticked with it because a logo design was already cooking in my mind. Then I changed C to K to infuse a Tagalog blend. The Tagalog vocabulary is reach with the letter K; its alphabet does not contain the letter C.

As a result, amicus has become amikvs.

What you can expect from this site

I have made my site a knowledge tutorial site. I thought that I should already pass and share what I have learned so far in creative and information technology. I used to be a web developer and a web designer. But technology runs so fast I was not able to cope with it. Thanks to WordPress, I could build websites easier and quicker than before.

After working freelance for more than a decade now in the field of web design, I thought it’s now time to share my knowledge.

On this site, you will learn what I actually do as a hobby and my means of economic survival.

about the lessons

I suggest that you follow the lessons as numbered because it is important that you learn the lessons one small step at a time. This is to prevent you from being overwhelmed by the new information that are entering your brain. I believe that by following the lessons in graduated manner, it will be easier for you to comprehend the next lessons.

There will be a short quiz after each lesson to test your memory retention of what you just read. Some lessons are accompanied with an activity that you have to accomplish. If you didn’t do your homework, the next lesson might just require it in order for you to proceed.

for schools

If you want to publish my site as a book, by all means, knock on my door and I shall open it for you. You have asked and searched, now you have found me.

for educators and speakers

I will try my best to include visual aids on every lesson you will find here. You can use these visual aids in your lectures and speaking engagements.

as freelancers

You can make building websites as your full-time or part-time job, or as a means to earn extra income. If you’re lucky enough, this can be your source of passive income. To earn passive incomes means to work once, then earn forever. For example, write a book once, then earn for life as long as your book is selling.

as grade 11 and 12 students

I have written a book about web design for Grade 11 and 12 students. Perhaps, one of you is already using it at your school. However, you won’t find my name written there as an author because I wrote it as a ghost author. Awoooh!

If you are interested on how to build websites, and perhaps push this as a full-time or secondary career, my site will be able to help you hone your skills. Not everything will be taught in school. Here, you will also learn practical skills such as how to monetise your website.

I have written this site for beginners. To the best of my ability, I have written the lessons as simple as I could so that students like you will be able to understand the lessons with easy comprehension.

yes, i know, it's me
tjøn åajford for amikvs.org
How I looked in 2006

I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Accountancy. Then I studied computer programming, and later, web design and development. My skills in graphic design and writing are self-learned.

I write by the name tjøn åajford. It’s simply my name scrambled.

As a creative designer, expect some design ideas.

For the reason that I also write, it is what I do best, expect a lot of articles that are more than 500 words; and perhaps some grammar and writing tips.

My work hours circle on the Web, so, expect stuff related to it such as web design and development, blogging, HTML, SEO, social media integration, copy writing, WordPress, Blogger, web apps, online marketing, etc.

In line with photography, I am amazed about how the camera can capture colours, light, and shadows and give a scene or an object a different picture, meaning, or perspective. I will give you a peek to some of the photographs that I have taken. Just go to amikvs Photos.

I studied programming and have done a few business applications. Maybe, I can share a few things.

By profession, I am an accountant. Perhaps, I can talk (on another site) a few things about business and accounting in general. If you are buried under manual accounting, time to automate your system and routine office work.

And lastly, I hunger for knowledge. So, whatever new or interesting facts I discover, I will write something about it on amikvsMag.

So, there it is. If you have other questions in mind about amikvs Kreativs, simply leave a message below.

You can hire me to build your website, write something for you, or assist you in automating your accounting or routine office work. 

To give you an idea how much I cost, for every 2-hour time or less that I would spend, even if I just have to waste time waiting, you would owe me ₱2000; unless you’re a friend of mine. If that’s too expensive for you, no problem; I’ll take any kindness acceptable.

I may sound rude, but no, I’m just being practical and fair. Let me explain.

For every time I go to a client’s site, I spend money for transportation and food. I may just sit idle at your office waiting for hours, but just the same, I consume my overhead. I could have been more productive and could have lost opportunity income with the idle time I have wasted. 

Hope you understand 🙂

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