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[what i do]

What I Do

build websites

Though I can design websites with HTML and CSS, I have preferred building sites with WordPress because it requires less time; it is flexible; and it has a community that explores and develops solutions and extended functionality. Here’s how I do it.

design creatives

My design style is minimalist and simplicity is my craving. I like colours that blend orĀ  monochromic rather than contrasting. Though graphic design is not my strongest forte, you can entrust me with a simple logo and non-fancy web and marketing collaterals. See samples of my work.

write just anything, almost

Writing is my passion. I believe that this what I do best. From business letters to love notes; articles to short stories; blogs to academics. However, I yet have to learn how to write scripts and novels.


From MyTime & Mind

These are the products of my creative mind and the sleepless time that I devoted to complete each project. For connoisseurs, design may be just nuts and cheese; but not for a dilettante like me. Sometimes, it is frustrating when no creative juice can be extracted from my mind. Click or tap the image to read more about the project.

Design study for EAPI website
Screenshot of website flyshades.net

[articles penned]

Think I Write

Sandy Beach To Ocean Deep Colour Scheme

An elegant colour scheme from sandy beige to deep ocean blue. It is a twist from the common white beach and aqua blue ocean. You can apply this colour scheme to interior, invitation and even wedding…