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The first time I read the Parable of the Talents, I didn’t understand its meaning or what message was it all about. But now I know that the parable was not about money but about gifts you have acquired through time, or even gifts you are born with like a beautiful singing voice. The message is that whatever you are gifted with, God will be more pleased if you will have to share it with others through good means such as teaching or educating, inspiring by speaking before an audience, or by writing a book. If you will think deeply about it, it is just common sense. Imagine if no one will ever speak about the difference between peace and violence, the next generations will always be at war.

My Own Talents

The gifts I have acquired are those that I learned at school such as accounting, computer programming, web design and building websites. There are also those I learned by experience such as graphic design and writing; and those that I learned by myself through self-studying such as blogging and  the use of a variety essential and productivity softwares. There are also those that I learned through mentors such as to understand the human-ness of a person, including myself. My innate gifts are my abilities to use my intuition in making simple and major decisions, and  of course the love that I was born with and gifted by my parents.

To Teach You Is My Way Of Sharing It

It will not be fulfilling if I won’t be able to pass to others the gifts that I have acquired through education, mentoring, self-learning, and experience. I feel that it is my responsibility to share the knowledge that I have learned. And one way to put that in action is to teach it to other people like you. My skill is not to speak before a crowd; thus I have chosen the Web as my platform to share my knowledge. After all, my forte is about the Web.

Learn What I Have Learned

This site contains lessons and tutorials on how you can become a web practitioner or specialist, specifically in building web sites and how you can earn from them. The lessons are arranged in graduated manner, which means that the next lessons may depend on your understanding the previous lessons. For that reason, I suggest that you follow the lessons as numbered.

If you have any questions, just comment below. Your message will go directly to my inbox. As soon as I can, I shall reply.

Reward Yourself: Automate Your Work

automate your office work

Tired of routine paper works? Typing on dozens of forms every day? Why not automate your work? Because you have to. Don’t punish yourself; or don’t let your boss punish you with a pile of work. Instead, to automate is to reward yourself. Don’t be afraid of change. Think instead of spending more time with your family than with your desk on midnight hours.

Back then when I was working in a large corporation, I hated typing the same thing on dozens of forms every month for the government collecting agencies like BIR and SSS. I was bombarding my head with a question why these government agencies could not simplify the system. I could type fast – 45 wpm – using a manual typewriter; but I’d rather type long documents. Repeatedly typing on forms with carbon papers – that ?#*!

I had to find a way and I did. With a computer, a software, and a printer, I made my working life easier.

Simplify Your Accounting System

Accounting job is tedious. Simplify it. With the present technology, you have many options. Buy an accounting software. For SME, use MYOB, Quickbooks or any similar software. These accounting software follow the same generally accepted accounting principles. So, you don’t have to hire a systems analyst and a programmer to customize an accounting system for you. That kind of service is hugely expensive and it would take many months to complete the software bug free.

If you are a large company, then you will have to settle for the big ones like SAP. If you can afford it, buy it.

Automate Those Routine Works

In your office, you may still be doing something monotonous, voluminous and manual. Find a way to automate it. Hire an IT consultant to find out what can be done.

I had a client once – an advertising company. Regularly, they receive the TV ratings report in print and in electronic report format. Based on the report, they update their system’s database manually to input the new data. One to two persons would do this and would take them a week to complete everything.

The ad company hired me to create a program that would facilitate the updating of their system’s database. After a systems analysis, I made the required program. The program took only 30 minutes to update their system’s database. From one week to 30 minutes — that’s a lot of time saved!

What I Can Do For You

Accounting. If you are managing a small-to-medium enterprise or organization and would love to move from manual accounting to electronic, consult me. I would recommend MYOB or Quickbooks. If you prefer another software, I can explore and study one for you.

Payroll. I have a payroll system that I have not updated for years. I can dig my chestbox to resurrect my payroll system.

Other software. I have done a loans management program, a club membership program, inventory, magazine subscription, and a sales order system for small organizations.

If you don’t want to hire me, that’s fine! Just automate no matter what. If you have hired a programmer or an IT specialist, use him. Give him a job. Make him automate everything. Make him useful for goodness’s sake 🙂

Build Web Sites With WordPress

I build websites using WordPress because I can get my job done fast and much easier. If I would build a web site from scratch, it would take me months to develop and design it. WordPress and other CMS (content management systems) has made the web development and design process something like 89% completed. For that reason, not only that I save time, I also save money. That benefits you as well because you would not have to pay much. Moreover, with WordPress, your site is up and online within a few days, a week perhaps.

There are other CMS besides WordPress. Whatever you need, I’ll take a look at what’s best for your site. Read more on how to build a web site in just a few days.

Design Websites With HTML & CSS

If you do not prefer the ready-made web designs that come with WordPress and other CMS, I can design one for you from scratch, so long as it is for a simple website that I can develop with HTML and CSS.

In order not to confuse you between building sites with WordPress and this one, with WordPress, my work is 89% done. If I design a website from scratch, I start at 0%. Web design tackles both the visual layout of a website, its look and feel, coding such as HTML and CSS, and graphics design. Designing a website also tackles its functionality, flow of information or navigation, visual appeal or attraction, impact or effect to its visitors, and the methods to be implemented to drive traffic.

Design Marketing Print Collateral

For your marketing or promotional collateral print needs, I can design your company profile brochure, product or service brochure, promotional flyer, product catalog, poster, banner, among others. For your stationery, you need a letterhead, business card, and envelope design. If your are a new organization or wish to re-brand it, I can design a logo for you. I also design digital wedding albums.

Write Creatively for Business

Writing business letters is one of the things I can surprisingly do better compared to others. I have read hundreds of business letters, modesty aside, I can re-write them to a better letter. I also blog, write articles, e-books, textbooks, and content for your AVP or video. Copy writing is what I enjoy most because of the challenge it entails to use the perfect words to motivate and inspire the readers. Here’s a tip about business writing.

Compose AVP and Short Videos

Need a 10-minute video for your audio-visual presentation? Video composing and editing is a tedious and time-consuming job that requires patience but it is something I enjoy. Want a short video for your website or social sites such as YouTube? I can make one for you.

Automate Your Job

Get rid of manual paper works. Why stress yourself with a pile of routine office works when there are computers and software that can do them in minutes? Automate now your accounting, payroll, inventory, loans, subscription management, and other office routines. Read more.

Make Money Online

Turn your website into a money-making machine. Whether you wish to sell goods or simply blog about your favorite activity, I can teach you how to make money online. It is not going to be easy and its success rate depends on you but, at least, it’s good start to know how it is done.

Drive Traffic To Your Site

SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves activities that make your website rank on search engine results page (SERP). To rank number one on SERP is not easy because there are a lot of competition out there. However, it is always better to have your site visited than receive no visitors at all. If your budget is short, there are free ways to do it.