World Green Building Week 2014

Ayala Triangle Park

September 22 to 27 is World Green Building Week with the theme “Get Up, Green Up”. The World Green Building Week started in 2009. It is an international event organized yearly by the The World Green Building Council.

What is the World Green Building Council?

The World Green Building Council is a network of national green building councils in more than one hundred countries, making it the world’s largest international organisation influencing the green building

The World Green Building Week is a global movement that has a purpose to champion leadership in transforming the building industry toward sustainability. Sustainability means to enable the Earth to continue supporting human life, more than just survival, but sustainable development and balance of our ecological environment. Sustainability is not limited to ecology because it is affected by economics, politics, and culture.

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What is Green Building?

“Green Building means providing sustainable solutions to improve energy, efficiency, durability, and speed.” BASF Philippines, Inc.

“Green buildings mean ensuring that we have environments that are healthier, and safer places to live, work, and play.” Chester dela Cruz

“[Green building is a] state of the art that preserves the state of the Earth.” Christopher Malco

“Green building is responsible building.” Christopher dela Cruz, PHILGBC Chairman

“Green buildings are buildings that breathe.” DMCI Homes

“Green building means doing your part saving the Earth.” EEI Corporation

“Green building is energy efficient and environmentally responsible design.” Edward Co Tan + Architects

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