A Novel for Alden

The title of this novel is Wish I Were Lazarus. It is based on John 11:1-44, which is the story of Lazarus.

Alden plays the role of a man who grew up with no name and with no one who ever loved him. As a child, he moved from one foster home to another, and called with different names. At 12, he decided to live in the streets. His friends in the streets called him Puti because of having a fair complexion. His enemies called him Eklab, for the same reason of having a fair skin.

One day, a young man who would foster kids in the streets told a story about Lazarus. He didn’t understand the true meaning of the story but he would always remember how Jesus raised Lazarus.

Puti turned 21, working as a vegetable pajinante. He lived alone. He fell in love once but the girl rejected him, called him mangmang and not worthy of her.

He was devastated. He thought, “No one could really love me. No one ever did.” The story of Lazarus reminded him. He cried a tear. As tears trickled his cheeks, “I wish I were Lazarus. Jesus loved him so much that he had to raise him from the dead.”

This story is currently in writing.