Green Advocacy

What’s the NUMBER ONE problem of our world?
Is it corruption? Terrorism? Poverty? Or, perhaps…
The world’s #1 problem is the slow destruction of our Earth; and humans have something to do with it.
In my opinion, it is; for the reason that it’s effect is massive, powerful, and uncontrollable. What else can we do when the earth is gone? What do you think?
In my own little way, I hope to be able to contribute to convincing the people of the world to be earth-, environment-, and eco-friendly.
On this blog, I plan to post news about energy conservation, recycling, eco-friendly DIYs, natural wonders of the earth, activities against nature, elements harmful to health and environment, and anything about going green.
To make the first move, I have chosen to host my sites only from green hosting providers, like GreenGeeks — a green energy web hosting powered by 300% wind energy.
Make the first move as well. I shall appreciate it on behalf of Mother Earth.

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