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If honesty is such a lonely word, a deaf ear is a pathetic one. You’d feel a fool, while you talk, no one listens. In my job, very often, people I serve do not listen to what I say. Perhaps, they do not understand what I perceive — things that a common mind does not usually see. Wisdom is not limited to what you have only learned and experienced. You have to go beyond — knowing the different points of view; understanding the different perspectives. ~ tjøn åajford

Mistakes are lessons learned with an open mind and heart. If you don’t listen to your mistakes, most likely, you’ll end up doing them again. ~ tjøn åajford

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Start A Freelance Job Building Websites

Course Outline

  1. The Internet and the World Wide Web
    1. Origins of the Net and the Web
    2. What Domain Name is Best For You
    3. How To Brainstorm Ideas For A Domain Name
  2. Practical Training
    1. Blogging on Blogger
    2. Blogging on WordPress.com
  3. Domain Name and Web Host
  4. WordPress
    1. Installation and customization
    2. Boosting your site with WordPress plugins
  5. Content Management
    1. Publishing your posts
    2. Managing your media
  6. The Basics of HTML and CSS
  7. Setting Up An Online Business
  8. Internet Marketing

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Hi! What Can I Do For You?

I’m a freelancer. No big time. So, I cater to individuals and small groups or organizations, especially to those who have a small budget. In case we meet, we talk like a friend to a friend – nothing corporately, for a change. (-: